Deadly Assets

Deadly Assets - Wendy Tyson

Ghosts, shut-ins, a charming, mysterious man...this place had the makings of a Gothic novel.

I was a little wary about this book when I started reading it because I wasn't completely sold on the first book in the series. My worries about this book were not necessary because this one was definitely better than the first in the series. While the first book in the series really concentrated on the past, this one really focused on a great investigation into two disappearances.


I've really grown to love Allison Campbell and her group of friends, family, and colleagues. I have enjoyed watching how their relationships have grown from the first book. I especially love where Allison and Jason's relationship has gone. I feel like the characters have grown since the first book and that growth has made this book even more interesting. I enjoyed that all of Allison's friends and family (by family I mean Jason and Mia) were involved in the investigation.


One of the things that I really didn't enjoy in the first book, the point-of-view changes, I really loved in this one. I feel like in this book the pov changes really moved the plot along and helped enhance the story. The characters weren't always investigating the same things so it wasn't interesting getting to see how everything was connected.


I like that it wasn't obvious how the two disappearances were connected (besides the obvious connection with Allison). There were some really great twists thrown in towards the end that I absolutely loved. When I read a mystery book I really love it if I am unable to guess who did it and why, and that is exactly what happened when I read this book.


If you are looking for a really good mystery book in which mysteries are solved not by detectives but by image consultants who become sleuths than this is the book for you. Thanks to NetGalley and Henery Press for the galley.