Delicious (Big Sky Pie, #2)

Delicious: Big Sky Pie #2 - Adrianne Lee

"See, this is why I don't like surprises. It's like Stacy and Clinton showing up at a party you're attending with cameras in your face, telling you that your family and friends think your taste in clothing sucks, and making you decide then and there if you want a head-to-toe makeover. Seriously, I would kill my friends and family as soon as the cameras shut down."

I first became aware of this series when I saw the first one available on NetGalley as a 'read now.' After reading that one and enjoying it and now reading the second in the series and really enjoying it, I am so glad that I did find this series.


This book follows Jane Wilson, the head pastry chef at Big Sky Pie, and Nick Taziano, a man who runs a successful marketing business. Jane and Nick have a past; their parents used to be married to each other, and there is hate between the former step-siblings. Now when their parents are thinking of re-marrying they are thrown together in a scheme to stop the marriage and find themselves attracted to each other.


I really enjoyed both Jane and Nick as main characters. Jane had her vulnerabilities but she was also adamant about her goals for her life. Nick was successful in business but still searching for love. Whenever these two were together sparks flew and I loved it. There were a couple twists and turns in regards to their relationship towards the end of the book and I am really happy with where their relationship was at the end. I have to admit that the whole ex-stepsibilings getting it on weirded me out a bit but didn't lessen my interest in the book or my enjoyment.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy of Delicious.