Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

Let me tell you the first thing I thought when I walked into that playground on that kindergarten orientation day was cliquey. Cliquey, cliquey, cliquey. I'm not surprised someone ended up dead. Oh, all right. I guess that's overstating it. I was a little surprised.

You wouldn't think it (or at least I didn't think it would be), but a story about parents of kindergarteners at a public school in Australia can be pretty damn interesting. I've read a few of Liane Moriarty's books and enjoyed them so that is ultimately why I decided to read this book. Once I started reading this I became hooked, like you wouldn't believe, on all the drama going on in this community.


There were two sides you could pledge your loyalty to, Team Renata or Team Madeline. I considered myself a proud member of Team Madeline while reading this book. The main drama in this book all revolves around some incidents involving Renata's daughter, Amabella. Renata turns into a mama grizzly and the two sides are formed. There is much more drama in these characters' lives but that is the main drama in the community.


From the beginning of the book you know that someone dies in this book, you just don't know who it is and why/how they died. You know that these questions will be answered once the events of the Trivia Night are revealed. The book covers the events up to the Trivia Night and then reveals what happened on Trivia Night. I was dying to know what happened and who died. I just loved making up my own theories for what I thought happened.


I became way too engrossed in these characters' lives and would wonder what would happen to them whenever I had to put the book down. Moriarty has a way of creating such fascinating characters that no matter if I am annoyed out of my mind at them I am also dying to know what happens to them next.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an advanced reader e-book through the First to Read program.