Bravo (Jad Bell, #2)

Bravo - Greg Rucka

"He has two powers, Jerry. He has reach, and he has information, and with those two things he can make almost anyone do almost anything. It is no different from what you do, what your government does, what everyone around the world strives to do. He buys what he can, and if it is not for sale, he takes it, either through extortion or force or both."

Have you ever read a book that for the majority of the book you are really enjoying it and are really interested but then all of a sudden something happens towards the end that makes you really frustrated and almost ruins the book for you? Well I had that situation with this book. I enjoyed the first book in the series but I came into reading this book not really knowing what to expect. I absolutely flew right threw this one but then certain events happened at the end that had me raging.


This book starts off right where the first one left off. Jad and his team are trying to find and get information from the Uzbek (Vosil Tohir) in hopes that he can lead them to the Architect. During their operation they also discover that another attack will be happening somewhere in America and they must race to get information from their suspects in order to stop the attack from happening.


I really enjoy that the author utilizes point-of-view changes because that allows readers to get to know the new characters better but also to get to know returning characters better as well. I love Jad's daughter, Athena, so I was happy to see that readers get to follow her from time to time. I did not like Petra, nor did I trust her. I feel like Jad was way too quick to jump into bed with her and I did not like their relationship and didn't feel it was necessary. Usually I am all for romance but for once it just felt awkward in this book. I read these books for the action and adrenaline, not to read about Jad bedding someone.


The investigation and operations that Jad's team did, at least up until the end, were action-packed and just kept me wanting more. I just wanted someone to be held accountable for the events that happened at the Wilsonville theme park and it seemed like Jad did as well which is why I was surprised when he followed certain orders at the end of the book that seemingly went against that. I was just so frustrated when he followed those orders and felt like all those operations his team went on were basically for nothing.


I was hooked on this book for the most part but just became too annoyed when certain events happened at the end. Jad's little relationship with Petra didn't really help things in my opinion either. If you're a fan of the first book in the series I feel like you'll enjoy this one and it also presents a much clearer picture of who was responsible for the events of the first book. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.