Guilt By Association (Rachel Knight, #1)

Guilt by Association - Marcia Clark

Droopy, I assumed was Hector Amaya's gang moniker. I wondered why they were always so unflattering. Me, I would've at least picked something like Foxy or Jet. Which, I supposed, explained in part why I wasn't gang material.

I was invited on NetGalley to read the books of this series and being the book addict that I am I grabbed all of them right away. I am a big fan of legal thrillers so I figured why not read these books. This isn't really like the legal thriller that I am normally used to. Rachel Knight, while she does work on her cases, doesn't spend much time in a courtroom in this book. This book was more of Rachel teaming up with Detective Bailey Keller and investigating a rape case and going rogue investigating a case, that they shouldn't be investigating, involving one of Rachel's fellow assistant DA's. One thing about their investigation that I really didn't understand was how/why Rachel was allowed to go around confronting suspects with her gun. I have never heard of a DA going around on investigations with the police and pulling a gun. She basically spent the book acting like she was a cop.


It is hard to read a book when you find the main character really annoying. I just didn't like Rachel Knight while reading this. One thing I noticed that really irked me about her is that she was constantly suggesting that either she and Bailey or she and her fellow assistant DA Toni go to a restaurant and when they would get there she would order something "healthier" and then proceed to pick from everyone else's plate. Girl, would you either stop pigging out on everyone's food or just order something a little less healthy for once! Clearly I am overly annoyed by this issue. I really enjoyed reading about Toni and Bailey. The secondary characters really shined more than Rachel. I would have loved if this book would have been from Bailey's point-of-view. 


Rachel also briefly mentions her past which includes the disappearance of her sister. She doesn't really go into what happened and I would have liked to have heard more about it as it probably would have made me more sympathetic towards her. I also didn't like the growing relationship between her and Graden. He seemed like such a player and she just kept falling for things. She has admitted that she has problems with relationships but she will only have herself to blame when he decides he is through with her and wants to go on to the next thing.


Towards the end of the book when the investigations were wrapping up and all was revealed I started to like the book a bit more. You knew that the two investigations were going to be connected, that was obvious, but you didn't know how. I kind of feel like the investigations went on a bit too long but it was nice finally getting to see what really happened. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the copy of Guilt By Association.