Death Will Have Your Eyes

Death Will Have Your Eyes - James Sallis

"Everything you know about me, everything you think you know, is false."

When you find yourself chanting "I'm so bored" in your head while reading a book you know that that book probably isn't the one for you. I couldn't help but chant that while reading this. I managed to finish this within a day because it was a relatively short book and I realize that if this had been any longer that it would have been the first book I didn't finish in a long time.


Death Will Have Your Eyes is being released by Mulholland Books as a part of their Classics series. I picked it up from NetGalley because it was being advertised as 'a novel about spies.' Now let me tell you, this is nothing like spy novels that I love. This felt more like a sad one-man roadtrip in which the main character occasionally has an assassin sent after him, he is run off the road, or he sleeps with a local woman. There was just a teeny bit of action in this and basically a ton about this man's dreams and memories. He seems to be trying to find out just who he is.


I didn't really like the main character and could pretty much care less whenever he found himself in danger. I wasn't really big on his relationship with Gabrielle because he himself wasn't really faithful to her.


I was confused by the events at the end and pretty much had no clue what had happened. By that time I didn't even care that I couldn't understand it. This was not the fast-paced spy novel that I was looking for and I can't bring myself to recommend this to anyone. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.