Damn you, canned mushrooms!

Since it is autumn weather in summer over here my family has broken out the crock pot to make some roast beef. I had almost everything in the crock pot and just needed to put in the canned mushrooms when I couldn't get the can open. I tried a couple can openers (our usual one that we love didn't work on this can for some reason) and just when I was about to give up all of a sudden I cut my right index finger on a can opener. I then ran screaming to the bathroom to run it under cold water and my family became worried when they heard me screeching "IT'S BLEEDING SO MUCH!" I was lost in my pain and blood but fortunately for me someone else took over the situation and guided me through what to do. My finger still hurts but it is in a nice bandage. I am having a hard time trying to type so bare with me if my posts have typos. That is what I get for being lazy and trying to use canned mushrooms instead of fresh ones. We are so over, canned mushrooms.