The Shining Girls

The Shining Girls - Lauren Beukes

It is as if he has spent his entire life in a drunken blur, but now the veil has been whipped away. It is the moment of pure clarity, like fucking, or the instant he opened up Jimmy Grebe's throat. Like dancing in irradiated paint.

I picked this book up from the library because I was approved for Lauren Beukes' next book, Broken Monsters, on NetGalley and wanted to get a feel for her writing style. I had seen a lot of hype surrounding this book and from the hype was hoping to read a thrilling suspense book that would give me the creeps. Unfortunately this book fell short.


You would think that a time-traveling serial killer would make this book one that you wouldn't be able to put down but I had a hard time motivating myself to read this book. I had a hard time connecting with the characters except for Dan. I liked Kirby in the beginning of this book but the more I read this book the more annoying she became. The weird thing is she was right all along and people weren't believing her but she still came across as really annoying.


I was just plain bored while reading this, even during some of the gory scenes. I honestly didn't feel any suspense in this book. The book builds towards the end and I wasn't all that impressed by the ending. I just didn't understand Harper's (the time traveling serial killer) quest to kill these girls and the whole thing about them shining.


I don't want to drag this review out because it will end up being me saying the same things over and over. I wasn't hooked by this book and wouldn't recommend it. This is sadly a case where the book does not live up to the hype.