Unexpected library run today

I was looking to waste a bit of time today until the resale shop opened up and I could drop off my donations, so where did I go? Of course I went to the library. I had a book to drop off and didn't plan on picking up any books but ended up checking out three books.



The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell:

I have been meaning to read this since before it was published. It looks right up my alley so I'm excited to finally get to read it.



House of Lords by Phillip Rosenberg:

This one caught my eye as I was walking up and down the aisles. I thought, based on the title, that it would be something set in England but it is not. This looks like a great mix of Wall Street and the mob.



I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes:

I have seen so much praise for this book (Even Nicole Kidman loved this book, and who else would I take book recommendations from?). All I knew about it when I picked it up from the library was that it is a spy novel. I didn't even read the book description, so Nicole I hope you are right about this one.