I Am Pilgrim

I Am Pilgrim: A Thriller - Terry Hayes

Life was duty. Like any soldier going into battle, I thought of the conflict that lay ahead. To be honest, I didn't hope for success or glory. I just hoped that I would acquit myself with honor and courage.

There has been so much praise surrounding this book and I couldn't help but be intrigued by that praise. I decided to read it and see for myself if it deserved all the praise that it has been getting. I Am Pilgrim definitely deserves the praise. It is one masterful piece of storytelling that has you jumping around the globe following two complex men; one racing against time to save his country and the other racing to ruin all that he feels is evil in the world.


Throughout the book the point-of-view changes (mostly between Pilgrim and the Saracen, and it also jumps around in time (in the beginning more than the end). There is more going on here than just Pilgrim's search for the Saracen and it becomes hard to see how everything is connected. This book is relatively long and covers a lot of events and you begin to wonder why certain things are relevant and then you see the beauty of the intricate tiny details that connect everything.


Pilgrim was supposed to be the character in which readers sympathize with and root on but I just loved that the Saracen was so complex that at certain points I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him. I loved reading not only his back story but also Pilgrim's back story. They both faced tragedy and hardship and ended up such different people at the end.


Life got in the way of reading this sometimes but whenever I managed to pick the book up again I became hooked right back into the plot. I flew right through the last 100 pages of this book. With all the buildup that had happened I couldn't wait for the showdown to finally happen.I loved the ending and how everything was resolved.


If you are looking for a really great spy thriller than pick this book up.