Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter: A Novel - Elizabeth  Little

Like she always said, "You can get away with anything if you wear great clothes, throw great parties, and give money to kids with cleft palates." She would have made a great pope.

This book follows Jane Jenkins, a socialite who was convicted of her mother's murder only to be released ten years later on a technicality, as she searches for the person who killed her mother. She doesn't know who did it and isn't even sure if she did it or not. She ends up in a small town finding out things about her mother's past she never knew and also she'll find out something about her past as well.


I loved reading from Jane's point-of-view. Jane has a great sense of humor but you could tell she uses it to try and cover up her insecurities. She has been through a lot, between spending ten years in prison and having a bad relationship with her mother. The only friend she really has is her lawyer, Noah, who seems to have some sort of quasi romantic relationship with her.


I was fascinated by the people of the small town she goes to and the little secrets that seem to run through the town. Some pretty juicy stuff had happened there, nothing too big but for a small town it was big enough. I really liked the banter between Jane and Leo (the police chief) and enjoyed seeing a friendship grow between them which then led to more.


I didn't really have any guesses as to who I thought had killed Jane's mother. I was just really interested in seeing everything play out and getting to find out the killer just as Jane gets to find out. The events towards the end really had me hooked and reading through this really fast. The final twist at the end at first had me shocked but when I really thought about it I guess you could probably see it coming based on previous events in the book. What happened at the end of this book is really what pushed my rating from 4 stars to 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed reading this book and have to say that it will probably be on my best of 2014 list. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.