The Other Typist

The Other Typist - Suzanne Rindell

I recognized something was happening the very second she walked in the door for her interview. On that particular day, she entered very calmly and quietly, but I knew: It was like the eye of a hurricane. She was the dark epicenter of something we didn't quite understand yet, the place where hot and cold mixed dangerously, and around her everything would change.

There are some books that when you read them you have to be patient and this is one of them. Unfortunately, the older I become the less patient I am becoming and I really found it hard to sit through a lot of story building to get to the explosions at the end. I had been wanting to read this book for over a year and this has taught me a lesson not to get my hopes up too much about a book.


It is hard to know what to believe and who to trust when reading this book. Neither of the two main female characters, Rose Baker and Odalie Lazare, are reliable. Rose narrates the story and you can tell throughout the book that she may not be telling the truth. Odalie tells so many lies throughout the book that you never seem to know the truth about her.


Rose narrates the story of her and Odalie's friendship and describes the events that lead up to the big event at the end that leads to her being in the institution that she is currently in. At times I was a bit bored with the stories that she was telling about her and Odalie. I was also annoyed that she continued to follow Odalie around like a little puppy and basically became obsessed with Odalie. She could be really creepy about her obsession. Sometimes I was just tired of hearing about Odalie.


I have to say that I did enjoy the events at the end that were like an explosion that twists everything you thought you knew about the story. Ultimately though I had been so tired of hearing about the events that lead up to the explosion that while it was interesting, it just wasn't interesting enough to completely save the book for me. One last note before I end this review, I think that the writing was superb in this book and I could completely envision the events and people in my mind. I would be interested in reading more of Suzanne Rindell's work because of that.