One of Us

One of Us - Tawni O'Dell

We're all capable of killing someone, although everyone isn't capable of killing just anyone.

If you like a book where a psychopath runs rampant throughout it, then this is the book for you. I myself don't necessarily mind reading about psychopaths but this particular one really irked me and I found it hard to believe that no one was doing much to stop them. I won't give away who the psychopath was but let's just say that I did not like that person at all.


This book follows Dr. Sheridan Doyle (Danny) and also Scarlet Dawes. Both of them have ties to an event that happened over a hundred years ago in Danny's hometown, Lost Creek. Now once they both return to Lost Creek tragic events start happening that everyone thinks is connected to the events that happened over a hundred years ago.


I pretty much didn't like either of the main characters. I felt like Danny had too much fear and seemed kind of wimpy. Scarlet was just a bitch and I couldn't stand reading from her point-of-view. I really enjoyed the secondary characters of this book particularly Rafe and Tommy. They both really were fascinating and complex characters and they brought a lot to the story.


The events that happened in the book were definitely interesting. The story definitely builds to a final confrontation at the end. All throughout the story readers pretty much know what is going on but there are a few twists thrown in. The twists and some of the action really made me want to continue reading this book. I enjoyed the ending and felt like it was a good resolution to the story.


I would recommend this book for its secondary characters, twists, and some of its twisted events. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.