If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

I'm not sure this is a world I belong in anymore. I'm not sure that I want to wake up.

I wanted to read this book before the movie version came out to compare the two if I went to see the movie. I have been feeling quite emotional lately and even though this book has a lot of strong and difficult emotions in it, it was a great book for me to read right now.


I loved reading about Mia and her family. Mia's family, and their friends, were awesome. The bond this family had was a bright spot in the book. After the tragedy that occurs I really felt for Mia as she tried to decide whether to stay or to pass on.


I wasn't as behind Mia and Adam's relationship as I was with her family. To me it almost seemed like really sweet insta-love. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy certain moments between them but sometimes it was just too sweet.


I won't give away what Mia decides but I will say that I was happy with her decision. I loved reading about her reminiscing while trying to make her decision. After reading this book I would be interested in reading the sequel.