Reading progress update: I've read 46% of "The 100."

The 100 - Kass Morgan

I picked this up when it was on NetGalley as a 'read now.' I was completely unaware that this was turned into a tv series on the CW (maybe because I haven't watched the CW since high school). How could I have not known this was a tv show when Thomas McDonell is on the show? I love Thomas McDonell and someone needs to inform me whenever he is on tv or in a movie (someone get on that please). Before I start rambling about Thomas McDonell any further I'll continue on with my reading update.


I am loving this book right now. It seems like I am flying right through it because I am really enjoying the characters and the premise. Of all the main characters I am the most interested in reading about Clarke and Glass. Both of their stories are really interesting and they both have some heartbreak and tough times in their past. Glass has this whole Romeo and Juliet romance thing with Luke who is basically from the other side of the tracks of the space station. I know that Glass wants to protect Luke but man do I want those two to get back together again (GO AWAY CAMILLE!). I really feel for Clarke after reading about what she has been through in regards to her past and what happened to her parents. Right now I feel she is definitely justified at being pissed at Wells and at this moment I don't want her to get back together with him.


While I find Bellamy to be annoying I can completely understand why he has done the things that he has done. I really don't know how I feel about Bellamy's sister Octavia but I do not like that she was being all flirty with Wells. I may not want Clarke and Wells to get back together right now but I sure as heck don't want Wells with Octavia.


Oh god, this book has turned me into a squealing 13 year-old girl. I am really interested in seeing what happens on Earth and also back up in the space station. So right now I am going to go back to reading the book before I type out the plot so far and freak out even more in this post.