Day 21 (The Hundred, #2)

Day 21 - Kass Morgan

"Its job isn't to tell time anymore. It's to remind us of our past, of all the things that are important to us. It may no longer tick, but it carries the memory of every life it recorded. It beats with the echo of a million heartbeats."

Compared to the first book in this series (which I started and finished today as well), I am a bit disappointed in this book (okay actually I've got quite a few bones to pick with it). I felt like in the first one the characters were so vibrant and the plot was so interesting. In this one I feel like there wasn't much plot progression at all but a lot of fights between characters about the past and a ton of flashbacks to past events.


I feel like my dreams and hopes for certain relationships were torn to shreds in this book. Certain characters that I wanted to see finally truly be together weren't and certain characters who I felt had an amazing relationship were torn apart by something that happened in the past. I was so pissed every time Clarke and Bellamy were together and flirting. Basically I was pissed a lot at Clarke throughout this book. Clearly I never liked Bellamy throughout the series so far and hated seeing him with Clarke (I am seriously irrationally pissed about this).


There were a lot of fights between the characters about things that happened in the past. Basically one character would get pissed at something another character did in the past and would swear never to forgive that character but not too long after that they would forgive the other character and apologize for being so pissed. That seriously happened a lot in this book with basically every main character. It was more teenage angst than I cared to read about.


I feel like little actually happened in the plot during this book. A lot of this book is characters rehashing past events or a lot of flashbacks. Some major things do happen in this book but I don't feel like enough happened in this book that couldn't have been tacked on to the last book.


Ultimately I did enjoy this book (even though the review doesn't it make it seem like I did) and I am still really interested in see what happens in this series. I just hope that the next book in this series has a bit more meat than this one did. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.