I have finally caved in

and made a tbr jar. I didn't really want to do it before because I didn't want to waste paper and because I was too lazy to write out all the books in my tbr pile. I wrote most of the books out and made sure to only include either the first book in a series or the next book in the series that I have yet to read. So today I finally picked a book from the jar (and I can't tell you how overly excited I was about it) and I managed to pick the book that I wanted to read next (it is a shorter book and I wanted a relatively quick read). I swear I didn't cheat or peek and quite frankly I must have willed it into happening (the power of thinking). The book that I picked from the jar was :



Andrew's Brain by E.L. Doctorow (what a last name!)

This sounds interesting and quite unlike anything that I have read before. I quickly glanced over reviews of this a while back and most were not positive so we'll see how it goes.