Reading progress update: I've read 43% of "Silver Borne."

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs

So I had to wait for my Kindle to charge before I was able to read this but fortunately for my sake it didn't take all that long to charge. Once I woke up this morning I grabbed my Kindle (while whispering "my precious") and immediately started reading. I've had a mix of emotions about this book. I am sad and worried for Samuel. You could tell he was going to do something and I just want him to be happy. I am glad that Mercy and Adam are on the same page about the Sam situation. I am pissed as all hell at the person(s) in Adam's pack that is attempting to control Mercy and ruin her relationship with Adam. I have a little doubt in me though that it might not be someone in the pack but a different magical creature that is doing it, but we'll see. I am just so happy to see Mercy and Adam together and to see some vulnerability from Adam was different but it was good to see another side of him.


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