Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, #5)

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs

"All things die, Mercedes. Some just take longer than others."

What a great installment to the series! The thing that really shines the most in this one is the depth of all the characters (not just Mercy). You really get to see different sides to the main characters. Readers get to see Adam's vulnerability (finally) and see that he will stop at nothing to keep Mercy safe. We see Samuel's overwhelming despair and what it will turn him into. We also get to see Adam's pack fractured and what it will take to unite them once again.


I could go on and on all day talking about my love of Adam and Mercy's relationship. In this installment you can really see their deep connection and their deep love. Some of the pack may want to tear them apart but they'll fight to be together. Honestly I felt like those pack members should have been punished more.


I was just heartbroken for Samuel throughout this book. I had felt that something was going to happen with him but it was still hard to see him struggling so much. I have to say that I am ecstatic with where he was at the end of the book. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with him next in the series.


The plot was definitely interesting and I loved the events towards the end. I am rushing through this review because I just can't wait to start the next one.