Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7)

Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs

"The Scottish Play. It's 'the Scottish Play.' You should know better. There are some things you never name out loud, like Macbeth, the IRS, and Voldemort."

For some reason this installment felt way longer to me than the others have. Maybe it is because halfway through it felt like the danger was gone and everyone was safe, even though that was not the case. There was somewhat of a twist towards the end regarding who was behind the kidnapping of the pack and quite frankly it wasn't really all that satisfying to me. It just felt like something thrown in to the book to breathe a second life into it. I admit that I did like the action at the end but I just felt like it was a different book.


While this book may have felt a bit different to me, it still had the same characters that I have grown to love (and also a new character that I really like). Pretty much it seems like Adam and Mercy will forever be trying to save each other. I love their relationship and I like how the relationship Mercy has with her stepdaughter, Jesse. Tragedy does strike the pack in this one and I really felt bad for the wolves. A new werewolf is introduced in this one (well he may be new to readers but he is really old), Asil, and I feel like he made a great addition to the story. I really hope there is more from him later in the series. I also loved that Zee's son Tad was back. He helped Mercy out when Zee was unable to and I loved it.


So while I wasn't big on the plot all that much I did enjoy seeing old characters come back and a new character being introduced. Unfortunately my Mercy marathon will be ending soon as the next one that I read will have me finally caught up with the series.