Mission Empty Tbr Jar Going Well

I didn't really think that it would work for me but so far my tbr jar has been a success. I am slowly making a small dent in my tbr pile and having fun picking books out of the jar. I have also had some success not adding new books to my tbr pile. I have only added 5 books since I started using the jar and those books won't be added to the jar until it is empty. There are some longer books that I haven't yet added to my tbr jar that I'll probably add soon but I wanted to get some of the shorter books out of the way first. I have added more NetGalley books to my tbr pile but I have made sure not to go crazy with requesting those. After I finish my next pick from the tbr jar (Nefertiti by Michelle Moran) I will concentrate on my NetGalley books that need to be read in September. I am also currently re-reading Gone With the Wind (which I've been re-reading for quite a while now) and hope to finish that soon so that I can read some of the authorized sequels to the novel before reading Ruth's Journey by Donald McCaig.


So those are my reading plans for the near future.