Nefertiti - Michelle Moran

"And what do you think information can do?" I called after him.

"In the wrong hands," he replied over his shoulder, "it can do anything."

Thankfully this book was from the point-of-view of Nefertiti's sister, Mutnodjmet, because based on the portrayal of Nefertiti in this book if it had been from her point-of-view I would have given up on this early on in the book. In this book Nefertiti was like the Ancient Egyptian version of a soap opera diva. I couldn't stand her arrogance, selfishness, and the way she treated her sister. I kept wishing Mutnodjmet would stop letting Nefertiti boss her around. Later on in the book Mutnodjmet did seem to get somewhat of a backbone but the story was less enjoyable whenever Nefertiti was around.


Nefertiti was not the only character that lessened my enjoyment of this book. Amunhotep was a spoiled little brat. His antics, and Nefertiti's, got to be just too much at times. I really enjoy reading books about Ancient Egypt but when my annoyance with two characters begins to overshadow the story then there is a problem.


I cannot comment on the historical authenticity of the story as I have little knowledge of the historical figures in the book. What really saved this book for me was Mutnodjmet. I loved reading about her and loved where she ended up at the end.