Reading progress update: I've read 7% of "Goebbels."

Goebbels: A Biography - Peter Longerich

What I've learned so far from this book:


  • Goebbels dated a few woman, never committing to one, and ended up cheating on them with each other.
  • Goebbels had his heart broken by a woman named Anka and while he was screwed up before then, he became even more messed up after that (particularly when it comes to women).
  • There was more backstabbing in the early days of the NSDAP than a daytime soap opera.
  • Goebbels liked to write semi-autobiographical stories and was basically an overall narcissist.


There has been a lot about Goebbels love life so far and now we are getting into the formation of the NSDAP and its early days. I am to the part where Goebbels has been named Gauleiter of Berlin. This is really fascinating if you are looking to learn more not only about Goebbels but also about the NSDAP. This might take me a while to finish as it is pretty long but I look forward to reading more.