Reading progress update: I've read 521 out of 823 pages.

Scarlett - Alexandra Ripley, Stephens Mitchell

I want to start this reading update off by saying that if you are planning on reading this book (God help you if you are) then you should be warned that from now on my reading updates will probably contain spoilers. Okay, now on to the reading update...


Seriously?! How could that have just happened? Scarlett has been in Ireland for a little while (which is not a place that I would have seen Scarlett going to) and then now Rhett drops this major bombshell on her. I was immediately angry with this book when the bomb dropped on Scarlett. The previous events in Ireland had been a bit boring to me but my god that was not necessary. I can't see anything that would happen in this book that would make up for what has happened already.


These are not the same characters that I love and the magic from Gone With the Wind is not here in this book. What a shame, I would have loved a really great sequel that has the spirit of GWTW.