Reading progress update: I've read 36% of "The Woman Who Would Be King"

Hatshepsut: The Woman Who Became King - Kara Cooney

Ugh...It is just taking me forever to get through this, and I had such high hopes for it. I admit that Hatshepsut is a very interesting woman that deserves to have her story told. She ruled Egypt as a woman when it was extremely unheard of. Unfortunately there is not much concrete knowledge of the details of her reign. That shows a lot in this book. This is filled with conjecture (which the author admits to right away). While the author uses knowledge gained from being an Egyptologist for many years, it is frustrating hearing mostly theories and not fact. Pretty much the words I am using to describe this so far are: Perhaps, Possibly, and Probably. Also the author tends to obsess about what Hatshepsut or other people were feeling or just random things about their daily life (like whether Thutmose III laughed a lot, or whether he didn't pay attention to his training to become King). With all the talk about feelings and motivations a historical fiction book could have been written instead.