Reading progress update: I've read 50% of "Death by Blue Water"

Death By Blue Water - Kait Carson

Why is everyone in this book so melodramatic? Yes a dead body was found but everyone is just freaking out randomly now. Cappy seems to be angry at the flip of a dime (but basically because he seems to care a lot about Hayden). Hayden's ex, Kevin, just showed up and was this uber agressive, verging on abusive, jerk. Poor Hayden just can't keep it together for the life of her. She was the one that found the body but for christ's sake she is like a sobbing mess half the time. Just when I think things are started to calm down and people are acting normal again someone will show up and start freaking out and then everyone else gets crazy again too. I don't really have any theories on what I think happened as I am too busy sitting back and alternating between enjoying everyone freaking out and being baffled by it.